The 420 Rule

The 420 Rule

We have all heard about the power of numbers, and how mathematic principles are somehow at the heart of everything that happens in our universe. Most discussions on numerology are enough to leave the average person more than just a little perplexed, and most of us are quite happy to go along with the scientists and mathematicians who espouse the glory and power of numbers. The majority are really only concerned with numbers that apply to us, such as dates, times, and ages, with all those other digits best left to the eggheads of the world.

But then there are those numbers that hold a special meaning to certain groups of individuals; numerical codes that the police use to describe crimes, weird stats that are the lifeblood of many a major sports fan, or the magical 420, which is the only number that really counts for lovers of the bud.

The truth is that even people who have never even caught a sniff of marijuana are aware of the 420 rule, which shows just how much the marijuana culture has made its way into everyday life. For those who have never heard of it, the 420 rule can be applied in a couple of ways, with the most common being that smokers light up on April 20th at 4.20 in a mass celebration of the smoking culture. Regular smokers are also high on, pardon the pun, smoking their weed at 4.20 am or pm on any given day of the week.

Some smokers will even go out of their way to set their alarms so that they can partake of their marijuana at the specified time of day. That’s a pretty large commitment to scheduling that may surprise the average person who looks at weed smokers as slackers, and something of a blight on society. That is a belief that is slowly but surely turning around, and there is actually something of a groundswell of support gathering steam for the legalization of marijuana. It can be argued that the popularity of the 420 rule may actually have something to do with that growth.

The public perception of the 420 rule has grown, thanks in large part to it being mentioned on TV and radio in the days leading up to the big event. Those in opposition of legalizing marijuana will point to that and say that it glorifies an illegal activity and that in doing so it will attract hordes of non-smokers to light up and give marijuana a try for the first time, just so that they can be a part of such a well-known event. The fact that many first time smokers are encouraged to do so at 4.20 has nothing to do with peer pressure, and more to do with the fact that people like to be part of cliques and clubs, with those folks most likely to try smoking weed at some point in their life anyway. Almost everyone likes to be part of a bigger crowd, and if that’s the case, then they might as well make it a cool one.

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